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Monday, 16 October 2017

Celebrate this Festival of Light with us at Maintdrop with an awesome twinkling light decoration

Electrical Services

With the big bang Diwali festival around the corner, you can surely not compromise to give your dream home anything less than a brand you make over with lights and diyas.You must already be planning a lot to turn each of your rooms into a jamboree decoration with twinkling and sparkling lights. But you are only left with a couple of days. What if I tell you that you could rather hire professionals to workout with your plans hassle free? Yes, you heard it right. We can help you sum up your perky decoration plans and add an all new definition to your big fat Diwali celebrations. Excited, are not you? Not only that, all these are even possible without hitting much on your pocket. Want to know how? Just give us a quick call at Maintdrop and we will provide you with our best professional electricians at your doorsteps, who can make your celebration of lights an everlasting memory. Our team will only visit post confirmation. They will check the size and shape of each of your rooms and suggest you with all the possible decorative alignments. They will give you the best light decorations by using anything like earthen lamps, string lights, recycled lanterns etc. All these can be done only for Rs.300. So what are you waiting for? Visit our website, outlet or call us immediately and go through our professional catalogues for a wide range of decorative options and ideas with illuminating lights. We will only recommend what suits you the best for your rooms. We can revamp both the interior and exterior of your house with fabulous light decorations. So let our creative talent pool take over your decoration plans this time. Become an envy of your next door neighbours and premium guests. Book your Home Service now

Friday, 13 October 2017

Avail Top Class Services and Rediscover Your Home This Diwali

If you are ready for this Diwali but your home is not, then let it get the look it deserves in this festive season. There are many home service providing companies around. But if you want to give your home a classy new look, then you can count on There are multiple ways our company can help you in this regard.
Home services

Get Your Home Tidy

A neat and clean home is always wanted during festivals. To get home high-quality home cleaning services, you can consult with our organizations. Our company professionals can offer cleaning services to your bedrooms, dining hall, kitchen as well as a bathroom. Our cleaning services will definitely give your home a rejuvenated look. 

Apply Vibrant Colours to the Walls 

Any festival means colour. Diwali is a festival that you would love to celebrate in your loving and colourful household. You can avail high-quality painting services from our company. We have a team of expert professional painters who can paint your walls maintaining the global standard. All out team members use modern equipment to come up with best solutions for your home. 

Get Customised Furniture 

This Diwali, offers you a great range of carpenter services at a price that is truly affordable. You can get your old furniture repaired by our expert carpenters. You can avail the superb quality furniture, specially tailored to suit your class and household. Our carpenters can get you the most stylish and eye-catching furniture. They are aware of the modern trends; hence you are assured to get appealing designer furniture at affordable price. 

Light up Your Home            

Diwali is a season of lights. To tantalize your home and to give each of the corners of it a glittering presence, you can ask for best quality electrical services from us. Our company’s expert electricians resolve all electrical issues of a house. They always maintain proper safety measures so that your family can celebrate a safe and vibrant Diwali. 

Get the Plumbing Done 

If you don’t fix the plumbing issues of your home properly, then would not get a total peace of mind regarding the condition of your home. Bathrooms and kitchen are the paces in a home that comes with many issues related to plumbing. 

Water clogging, leakage and problem in drainage can give you a hard time. To get rid of these issues, you can call us to get proper plumbing services. Our team has expert professionals who have a thorough knowledge of plumbing and have been working in the industry for long. You are guaranteed to get best in class services for sure. 

Our company always believes in offering services of par excellence to all the clients. We take proper care of each of the areas of our work. Our prime aim is to satisfy all the client needs suitably. Our dedication and our pocket-friendly charges have given us the standalone position in the market. Our company strives to offer you nothing but the best services possible.

Friday, 19 May 2017

Maintdrop is the best Pest Control and Plumbing Services Provider in Mumbai

Pest Control Services:
Maintdrop is the leading pest management company in Mumbai. We take pride in providing the seamless services to our customer, ranging our services from individual homes and hotels to offices and more. Maintdrop is the first choice for professional pest control service in Mumbai. Our professional and trained staff will provide you with top quality service with the useof modern techniques, safe and verified agents, and quality checked equipment for implementation of our services. We use only government registered and approved chemicals to ensure the well-being of our customers. Our chemicals are also non-toxic and odorless so that you can continue your routine work while we do ours. With Maintdrop, you are guaranteed a high-quality pest control service at best prices in the city.

Our pest services include termite control, bed bug control, and general pest control.

We provide professionally trained and experienced workers who can assure you a pest-free environment. A nominal charge of Rs. 250 is applicable is all services.

From selecting a service to booking, feel the ease of working with Maintdrop.

Dripping faucets and pipes can be a headache. Dripping pipes waste a lot of water. A single leaky faucet can cause wastage of more than 50 liters of water per day or 350 liters in one week. Leaking pipes can also cause water to run into the walls of your house, which can damage its structure. Don’t let leaking pipes and faucets takeover your bathroom or sink.

Plumbing Services:

Plumbing problems can give you a stressful experience. So to make sure that your home remains safe for you and you don’t waste the precious water, Maintdrop professional plumbers are at your service. Maintdrop assures you best quality plumbing services at the lowest prices in Delhi. All you have to do is book us online and then relax. Maintdrop will provide best plumbers in Delhi to take care of any plumbing related issue.

Our plumbing services in Mumbai include general plumbing, bathroom fitting, kitchen, and taps.

A nominal charge of Rs. 250 is applicable is all services and will be waived off in the final bill if service is availed. In case, if you decline the service you will be responsible for Rs. 250 trip charge.

From selecting a service to booking, feel the ease of plumbing with Maintdrop.

Monday, 15 May 2017 - Summer Special Offer - AC Repair service - Upto 20% OFF

Summer Special Offer – Book for AC repair service and get upto 20% off on first AC Repair this summer only at Maintdrop Home Service

We don't think you will stay cool this summer, if your AC  stops working and this a an inconvenience.  Your expensive AC needs regular care and servicing or repairing to ensure it is at its optimum best! Your AC system should keep you cool this summer, without a big utility bill. 

Maintdrop can make sure the temperature inside your home is just right. We offer AC repair and installation to keep your cooling system running smoothly all year long.

Nowadays, we never find time to walk to service centers. With the advent of newer technologies, people will prefer to have AC service at their doorstep. The convenience of availing AC service at home is made possible where you can get connected to the professionals just at the tap of a button.

At Maintdrop, you can avail of convenient, quick and easy repair services for your AC, no matter the day or time! Our range of services include complete repair, installation of a new AC and even regular servicing of all brands across most of the cities in India.

Don't worry anymore when your precious AC starts making those funny noises or if it seems to have stopped cooling like the way it once used to. Get the Maintdrop AC repair specialists to help out instead!


When your AC system isn’t working well, call us to repair it – same day – next day appointment are available.


If it’s time to repalace a AC unit that’s old and inefficient or that can’t be repaired. We invite you to invite a In home consultation with one of our cooling system experts.

Why Maintdrop Home Services?

Leading home service provider in India.
Easy and simple to use                
Quality and Satisfaction guaranteed  
Wherever you bought it, we will repair it
Experienced technicians
Background verified In home professionals
Transparent pricing – Instant Estimates
Trusted by over 99% Indians 

Flexible scheduling:

You can book, change or cancel the appointment at anytime online or over phone.

Appointment updates:

We will you about your appliance repair appointment via text , email or phone whichever you prefer.

Friday, 28 April 2017

Order at and win to IPhone-7 is running a contest for their enthusiastic customers. Each and every customer has a chance to win anything here by just downloading our Maintdrop app and scheduling a service technician to visit.


 We are giving away the world's best IPhone-7 for a lucky winner. We are also giving away lot of other prize's such as gold coins, tickets to Domestic flight and many more...
Just a tap on phone will not even take more than 2 minutes. However, spending 2 minutes will also get your home service done and win more exiting prizes.
Try your luck today and enjoy our fastest home service.
Here are the contest details and T&C:

1. Visit play store and download Maintdrop app
2. Install the app and sign up
3. Choose your preferred service and order
4. You're eligible for the contest once your service order is confirmed.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Maintdrop Services Private Limited is the best Online Home Services Company

There are a many Online Home Services found in the India. But one has to select a good Maintdrop Services Private Limited in order to perform in a healthy way. The trained people will undertake the Maintdrop Services Private Limited works with an expert hand in cleaning if they are from a good cleaning company.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness is what we all know. If the work place is clean, then the work system will be excellent in that place. A clean environment will create an active atmosphere in the office building. Active environment is what required for a good work result. Home cleaning services are probably the best kind of services that can be opted by all the big commercial complexes to keep a premise out of germ and dust. Maintaining of the big commercial complexes is not possible by the employees of the commercial houses, but is possible by the trained Maintdrop Services Private Limited experts. The employees have some vital works to carry out in the office. There are many furniture, carpets and upholsteries, rooms to be cleaned off in an office. These places should be cleaned off in order to provide good services.

Manifold of Home Cleaning Services:
The Maintdrop Services Private Limited consists of different kinds of activities. As the Home Cleaning services are generally provided in the big work houses or business buildings, so you need a trained home cleaning service people are hired to do the works. The different types of cleaning activities that are undertaken in Maintdrop Services Private Limited are floor cleaning, Carpet cleaning, Upholstery cleaning, window cleaning, general office cleaning, Post construction cleaning and others. The equipments that are used in the cleaning purposes are all green sealed. This ensures eco-friendly cleaning of the spaces. There are varieties of techniques applied by the service providers. These techniques are all the advanced techniques. The Floor cleaning involves floor buffing, waxing and other processes. The carpet and the upholstery cleaning are done through the hot water extraction method. This ensures that the materials are well maintained and cleanliness is restored.

Hygienic Atmosphere Results In Efficient Work Results:
The clean and hygienic atmosphere is maintained by the janitorial service companies. The trained members of the Maintdrop Services Private Limited  have always provided great services. They are expert in providing explicit cleaning in the office premises. This has resulted in the improvement of the works. Survey has shown that the companies in the Mumbai, Bengaluru, New-delhi city that are well maintained by the Maintdrop  team members are performing in a better way than the companies, which do not hire. The reason is that the employees can well concentrate in the works of the offices and can attain the customers. They are able to work actively in a healthy environment. The result is that there are better performances seen in the works.
 People are happy to work through the day till the late at night in a clean environment. The regular visit paid by the good house members has resulted into well maintenance of the services. The services are given by the well trained members with the help of the green sealed equipments. The equipments are verified by the Cleaning institutes of India. The Maintdrop Services Private Limited  providers are all licensed and insured.
The Maintdrop Services has done a wonderful job by providing an efficient, friendly and brilliant cleaning in the offices of India. Superior level of services is provided by the janitorial houses in different business houses of India with through employment of the advanced equipments.                

Monday, 6 March 2017

Regarding Home Cleaning Services Prioritizes On It

We know that Home and office cleaning services are a regular job. Every home and office spends money for cleaning services.  However, some home and offices are more prioritized on it.

 Every day we are doing different types of work. However, all are not of the same priority, some are of higher priority and some are of less priority. We always try to do the jobs first, those which are of higher priority. If we do not make a list of priority of our daily schedule, then it is a maximum chance that we will fail to work on it on priority basis. Therefore, PLANNING IS ESSENTIAL IN ONE’S LIFE. This is also true to an organization. The administrative personnel do the planning for the organization. Assistant staff members implement the plan. Therefore, it becomes a team game.

A good planner knows that how to plan effectively. If it is a commercial organization or a social institute like a family, planning plays an important role. The planners prioritize some tasks and they know what is of higher importance and what is less important to implement for their agency. Keep in mind that most of the planners make mistakes in cleaning issues; they focus on some bigger issues and forget the basic needs required to do every day.

Now the question is, why cleaning is a task of higher priority? There are different reasons behind it. As we are the office staff members, we work for more than eight hours in the office regularly. Therefore, we require a neat and clean and healthy environment, so that visitors become satisfied when they see an office extremely cleaned. When the office floor is clean then automatically, the working environment becomes more comfortable. This is one of the main reasons, that cleaning is of the higher priority. If you need to clean your office and home, then there is no shortcut routine. On the other hand, if you don’t emphasize on this routine job properly then assured cleanliness wouldn’t be possible anyway.

So, priority on cleanliness is the way to get a clean office and home every day. Some agencies work on this way. When they face problem in getting a clean office, then prioritize on it for that time only, most time they never feel that this is an issue. However, now a day’s most modern commercial houses want to secure cleanliness of their offices at any cost.
You should know that commercial office cleaning Service is highly sensitive, similar to home cleaning service. In India every modern city likes Mumbai, Kolkata, New-Delhi, Chennai and Bangalore, office or home Cleaning Services are an important part of living. They do not compromise in this issue. Most of the Houses and offices are depended on Home Cleaning Services Agencies. We recommend one agency MAINTDROP SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED “where you can get the best office and Home Cleaning Services in Bangalore with the best of prices.